Prontomed Skin Balance Akut Gel


Min: 1, max: 99

Prontomed Skin Balance Akut is used on inflamed areas of the skin, such as pimples. The active gel creates a protective layer on the skin. It acts as a barrier and inhibits the spread of bacteria that contribute to the infection and supports healing. It also makes the spread of bacteria much more difficult. Prontomed Skin Balance Akut has been clinically tested and dermatologically marked "very good".

It does not contain alcohol or dehydrating ingredients and is therefore suitable for use on very sensitive skin areas.

Application: Apply the gel to the affected areas with a clean finger. Depending on the requirements, the process can be repeated several times a day, resulting in long-term antibacterial protection. No need to wash between uses.

Ingredients: Lithium-magnesium-sodium silicate, sodium hypochlorite, distilled water