Prontoman Nail Protect


Min: 1, max: 99

Prontoman Nail protection 50 ml

Decontamination prior to any treatment. Without aggressive ingredients. Ideal usage for risk patients (e.g. diabetics). Excellent to be used in the heel area (e.g. with fissures). Simultaneous antiseptic cleaning. Atraumatical removement of hard skin without using scalpel or milling machine. Especially suitable for hard-to-reach areas like sulcus - a milling machine is not needed. Certified medical product.

Application: For daily care, spray on dry nails, then leave the product on to dry. In addition, always wear clean socks and spray your shoes with Prontoman Protect Schuh.

Ingredients: Demineralized water, LiMgNa silicate, sodium hypochlorite * <0.07% (*electrochemically activated salt)