Prontoman Shoe Protect


Min: 1, max: 99

ProntoMan® PROTECT Shoe disinfection 75 ml 

Shoe disinfection spray based on the ECA-Technology Best to be used in combination with the athlete‘s foot disinfection spray. For daily disinfection of the shoes, most suitable if allowed to take effect over night. Fights suitably 99,9% of all relevant bacteria, fungi and viruses. Minimizes unpleasant odours. Promotes maintaining health of the feet. Ideal product for reselling in the studio.

Application: To support foot hygiene with Prontoman Protect Schuh, spray the product into your shoes and let it dry. The best effect is to let it dry overnight. In addition, always use clean socks and spray your feet with Prontoman Protect Fuss.

Ingredients: Demineralized water, LiMgNa silicate, sodium hypochlorite * <0.07% (*electrochemically activated salt)