Spirularin Nail Spray 50 ml

Nail care with antimicrobial protection, antifungal effect, easy to use!


Min: 1, max: 99

Spirularin Nail Spray 50 ml

On average a nail grows 2-3 mm per month. The appearance, the growth form and also the structure of a nail can say a lot about the general state of health. But nails are neglected far too often, and external influences can also be a burden. If the natural protective barrier is disturbed, bacteria, fungi or germs can penetrate. Fungal diseases are among the most common nail problems. Here it is important to react quickly. The patented microalgae active ingredient Spiralin provides antimicrobial protection in Spirularin nail care. Ingredients such as witch hazel, jojoba and avocado oil provide dry or cracked nails with essential moisture and care.

As a spray, Spirularin Nail Care is especially easy to use and simple to apply even for people with restricted mobility.

Application: Spray evenly onto all ten nails in the morning and evening and allow to absorb briefly.